Red Dwarf Review: Series 1, Episode 2: "Future Echoes"

Airdate: February 22nd, 1988

Plot: Lister wants to crash in Stasis with the Cat (who wants to take all of his suits) for the next three million years. While Lister is shaving in preparation, the light barrier is broken. Soon, scenes from the future start showing up. Lister becomes paranoid about his own health, seeing himself die. Lister takes every opportunity possible to not die. Rimmer tries to convince him that his attempts to avert death are not possible, but Lister rebuffs him. Naturally, Lister’s fears are alleviated by information from Holly. In fact, the ending of this episode actually connects to another episode later in the show.

Review: It introduces the sci-fi aspects of the show, showcasing that, unlike Star Trek, most of the SciFi will be played for pure comedy. The acting and the use of editing techniques also help. Also, the episode uses some foreshadowing that will be used at the end of series II, establishing Red Dwarf‘s use of continuity (although future episodes will show a weaker sense of continuity).

What brings this episode down is simple: the Humour seems to be pretty weak, compared to the previous episode, which had stronger humor. Also, there seems to be little character development, outside of the end of the episode.

Favorite Quote: Clock stop, six forty-seven. Not a bad little time for the mile. Pity I was only doing the three hundred meters.
                    –Rimmer, upon completing his exercise routine. 

Score: 7


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