Red Dwarf Review: Series I, Episode 3: "Balance of Power"

Airdate: 29 February 1988

Plot: Lister and Rimmer are at odds again : Rimmer wants everything to be perfect, while Lister just wants to slack off. It gets to the point where Rimmer even holds Lister’s beloved cigarettes hostage, with the Cat (who is promised fish) as an executor. Lister reminisces about the good old days, where he would slob around with his friends. He wants to get his old desire, officer Kristine Kochanski back, even as a hologram. Lister then desires to take the chef’s exam, as Lister would be able to outrank Rimmer and switch off his hologram. Rimmer winds up corrupting himself so that he now looks like Kochanski. Lister sees the danger behind the fog, and everything goes back to normal.

Review: This episode is pretty dull. I blame the BBC for this, as they wanted a more sitcom-based episode. Based on the “smegzine” poll and the recent Silver Survey, not many people liked the direction. Still, I give them credit for introducing Kochanski, and trying to show how strong the antagonism between the two is.

The humor is actually decent at times, though. My favorite joke? Today’s fish is trout a’la creme. The joke is a lot like a Family Guy styled gag, except, y’know, funny. Simply because it does not go on for THREE MINUTES (I’m looking at you, Conway Twitty). Also, the scenes with “Kochanski” are pretty funny.

Favorite Quote/Scene: The entire fish sequence. Any time. Every time.

Score: 6.5 (Come on, “FISH!”)


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