Gravity Falls Review: Season 1, Episode 1: "Tourist Trapped"

(Note: Review Being Re-Written and Re-Uploaded).
Airdate: June 15th, 2012.

Synopsis (Some Spoilers): Dipper and Mabel Pines are forced to spend the summer with their con-artist Grunkle Stan, at his tourist trap shack. While doing some errands for Stan, Dipper finds a journal containing the mysteries of the town. Meanwhile, Mabel’s goal for an epic summer romance starts well as she finds a mysterious guy. Dipper thinks that he is a zombie. However, he is merely a bunch of gnomes…. who kidnap Mabel and make her the queen of the Gnomes. Dipper manages to help rescue Mabel, and the duo fight off a bunch of gnomes, using a technique that Mabel used to practice kissing.

The Good: For a first episode, this manages to go above and beyond. Mabel’s blithe spirit manages to contrast very, very well with Dipper’s more logical side. The reveal of what Norman really was is hilariously done. The introduction of the book is tastefully done, and adds to the mystery of the show. And the very end of the episode is really the best cliffhanger of the show.

The Bad: Mabel does come off as rather stalker-ish in this episode, which makes her slightly less sympathetic. Slightly.

Favorite Scene: It’s a tie between “Try not to hit any pedestrians” and the reveal of the Gnomes. Both are just comedy gold!

Score: 9.


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