Red Dwarf Review: Series 1, Episode 6: "Me2"

Airdate: 21 March 1988

Two Rimmers. This can only end hilariously badly.

Synopsis: That familiar face in the last episode? Merely a second Rimmer. Rimmer 1 and Rimmer 2 move out into their own room. However, Lister finds that Rimmer left a tape of his own death. Apparently, his last words were “Gazpacho Soup”. Lister goes on an investigation to wonder why. While the Rimmers seem to get on at first, tensions rise between them, and the two are in a constant state of argument. Eventually, Lister demands one of the two erased, and the original Rimmer loses out. Rimmer goes in with his military uniform, and explains to Lister the trauma behind Gazpacho Soup, saying that it led to humiliation after he thought that Gazpacho soup was served hot. Meanwhile, Rimmer 2 is erased.

Review: THIS is the moment when Red Dwarf got really good. The previous two episodes were good, but this really brings into life Rimmer’s pathetic life. It makes him sympathetic, despite being a smeghead. Rimmer’s internal conflict with himself consumes him, makes him more likable. However, the story takes great pains to still say that, for as likable as he may be now, he’s still a total smeghead. And is it wrong to say that Rimmer’s death was hilarious? Granted, the acting was sublime, and Holly went with his warning announcement (“There’s an emergency going on… it’s still going on.). We also have Holly’s NorWebb joke, the Cat acting as vain and flamboyant as ever, and Lister acting like a classic slob. And the ending. Dear god, the ending.

Minor plot hole, though! In previous episodes, it is explained that Holly can only support one hologram. But, we see two holograms working fine (Who knows, maybe power was cut off to a part of the ship that the gang never use.) Just bugs me a bit.

Favorite Scene: Again, Rimmer’s death.

Score: 9


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