Red Dwarf Review: Series II Preview

Sorry for the hiatus. As I get ready to take a look at series II, let’s take a quick look at the episodes for this season.

Kryten: The trio find a broken down starship with only a robot living. The robot is programmed to serve absolutely. Lister tries to break the robot’s programming and make him rebellious, but Rimmer wants him as a slave.

Better Than Life: Rimmer gets some depressing news in the post. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew go into a total immersion videogame that grants their fantasies. Rimmer joins along to try and live out the desires of his father. Hilarity ensues.

Thanks for the Memory: Shortly after a party celebrating Rimmer’s death, Lister, Rimmer, and the Cat wake up with no memory of the previous few nights. Rimmer also wakes up remembering a love that he once had. Lister gets down to the bottom of Rimmer’s memory.

Stasis Leak: Thanks to a leak in stasis, Lister, Rimmer, and the Cat can go back to a short time before the accident. Rimmer wants to bring himself back via a stasis tube, while Lister wants to bring Kochanski back via the stasis tube.

Queeg: With Holly becoming more incompetent by the hour, a new computer arrives, relieving Holly of duty. While the crew are at first relieved, they eventually learn the age-old lesson “meet the new boss, more insane than the old boss”.

Parallel Universe: During Rimmer and Lister’s debate (this time about the former’s chauvinism), Holly announces that he has invented a device that can transport objects through space. Instead, it takes them to a parallel universe, where genders and gender roles are reversed, right down to biology.

This season showed the writing get tighter, the humor become quicker, and tons of character development between the characters. Rimmer and Lister become closer, Holly gets his finest hour, and plots from previous episodes are developed upon.

What also occurs is that the first series was set entirely on Red Dwarf, with little interaction outside the ship. Here, the crew actually does some exploring, such as in “Kryten”.

And from now on, I will not be distinguishing between the Good and Bad openly. I will merge the two sections into a general “Review” section right below the synopsis section.


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