Gravity Falls Review: Season 1, Episode 5: “The Inconveniencing”

Airdate: July 13th, 2012.


Synopsis: After a brief pinecone-chucking contest, Dipper realizes that he is in love with Wendy. He decides to lie about his age (13 instead of 12) to hang out with her and a group of teenagers one night. They go to the local 7-11 knockoff, Dusk 2 Dawn. Dipper tries to prove his maturity to Wendy, and get in with the cool crowd. However, supernatural events take over the Dusk 2 Dawn, and the teens wind up in peril. Ghosts take over Mabel, who tripped on sugar. Dipper has to confess his age to save the teens, and performs an embarrassing dance to appease the ghosts, who are just a sweet, elderly couple who hate teens. The teens are saved, and Wendy decides to hang out with Dipper more.

Review: This was the first Gravity Falls episode I EVER watched. Unlike Red Dwarf, which took me a few video clips to get into, it was pretty much love at first sight here. The character development is actually pretty decent. We get our first episode focused on Wendy, showing her more Dave Lister-esque traits (lazy, yet also carefree and friendly). This episode shows that Dipper is not above it all, and that he can be selfish, although he still is rather likable. The use of the Chekov’s Gun trope is hilarious, with a rather embarrassing moment mentioned by Mabel used to save the gang. And, Mabel on Smile Dip. Just, Mabel on Smile Dip. I love my sentence fragments!

Favorite Scene: Just watch. This is after Mabel ate packets of Smile Dip.

Gravity Falls writers, please give us more Aoshima!

Final Score: 9. ONWARD AOSHIMA!


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