The Red Dwarf Reviews Are Going on Hiatus.

Well, this news will make Mr. Flibble very cross.

Look, I have effectively plowed through half of the original Red Dwarf (1988-99). I don’t want to go too fast in my reviews of this show. Also, I am currently a bit busy right now, and I’d figure I’d take a minor break from this show to renew my energy.

I will still update the blog with other reviews, maybe a few “Not Another Top X Lists”, maybe do some other segments, just to keep the pace flowing. Still, I’d figure I’d take a break from Red Dwarf for a brief time.

So, what I am saying is that, until at least Christmas, my Red Dwarf reviews are going on hiatus. Again, I might do a few specials, and I might be back earlier, but don’t count on it.

Now, about the rest of the shows I review, here is the deal.

  • Gravity Falls airs in rather decent rotation stateside on Disney Channel. So, those episodes will be easy to review. Still, once episode 20 (“Gideon Rises”) is done, that show will not be reviewed until next year (because episode 20 is the end of the season, and next season will debut… next year.)
  • I own seasons 9-13 of The Simpsons on DVD, so those reviews will continue. Oh, joy. I get to watch one of the greatest shows of all time utterly disintegrate. Episode. By. Episode.

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