My Christmas Gift to You!

Well, it’s December! That means two things:

  • It’s the end of Matt Smith’s run on Doctor Who. Sorry.
  • It’s CHRISTMAS!!!! Or, for those Politically Correct types:
Image stolen from the Political Correctness Gone Mad page on TV Tropes. My apologies to TV Tropes.

It’s the season of giving, to reunite with family, to listen to nonstop Christmas music on the radio (which probably started on Halloween), to stuff yourself with food, to go to church/synagogue/mosque/etc., and for all of those TV shows to air cheesy specials from past and present!

Given that this is the blog’s first Christmas, I’d figure that the best type of celebration involves one where you watch me go insane. Therefore, for this very first “Geek Zone Christmas Spectacular Celebration Thing”, we will be taking a look at….

…wait for it…

… Season 23 of The Simpsons. No, that’s not a typo.

Season 23 of The Simpsons is probably the worst season in the history of the show. Sure, Season 11 ain’t going to win any golden prizes, and most of anything past season 9 is subpar, but I will give most of those seasons credit: up until season 20, those seasons had traces of nostalgia in them. I got into the show at season 16, and enjoyed watching until sometime into season 21. Even after that, I kept watching into season 23, although I got less concerned if I missed an episode or two.

Season 23 has none of that. It was partly insane, partly hipster-esque, tried to be relevant when it wasn’t, took the easy way out, showed a world of sunshine and rainbows when the classic era would’ve showed a world gone mad, ect. The end result was, for the most part, either insane or boring. At the end of the season, after watching the finale, I decided that the show was too far gone to continue watching on a regular basis. While I HAVE watched episodes since (on occasion), I was much more active in deciding not to watch the show. (I have watched season 25, sort of as a time killer, and from what I have seen, it is marginally better. Marginally.)

Watching season 23 as a whole would drive me insane, so I have decided to pick the three most infamous episodes of the season. I might throw in a bonus episode, the one good episode of the season, but don’t count on it.


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