Christmas Spectacular Thing: The Simpsons: Season 23, Episode 12: "Moe Goes From Rags to Riches"

Airdate: January 29th, 2012

What more needs to be said?

Synopsis: Moe’s talking rag narrates it’s own history, from medieval times to its time in Moe’s bar. Not making this up. Meanwhile, Bart and Milhouse have a falling out.

I don’t know what I need, a nap or pep pills.

Review: My brief synopsis should let you know that there are few words to describe this episode.

Short review: This episode was the pits.

Long review: Who wrote this? Really, who wrote this crap?

I mean, there is insane, and then a talking bar rag talks about his life. What. Were. They. Thinking?

Nothing makes sense in this episode. The rag just… exists. No rhyme nor reason for why the hell he can talk. This is just an excuse to put Simpsons characters in historical times (see “Tales from the Public Domain”, “Simpsons Christmas Stories”, hell, any non-THOH three-part episode). Admittedly, seeing the progress of Western Civilisation did please the historian in me, but even then, it was sullied just to show Simpsons characters in “unique” settings.

There is no rhyme or reason for pretty much anything in this episode. A good chunk of emotion is forced, the B-plot is one of the most banal in the history of the show (and also makes no sense) (and ALSO is intertwined with the A-plot, dragging us back to Modern Springfield kicking and screaming), half of the characters are just pathetic (Moe sleeps in his own bar. That’s how low he has sunk), little within the stupid historical segments makes sense, etc.

Oh, and Moe is a yeti. This show has run out of petrol.

The worst part is that this episode is just dull. It’s not as bad as Saddlesore Galactica or our next foray into ZS patheticness. It’s just… boring. It’s an attempt to be postmodern, yet the writing is so shoddy, that it comes off as tired and cliche instead.

The only problem is that, as bad as this episode is, our next episode is worse.

Favorite Scene: I’ll give Jeremy Irons credit; he can certainly do voice acting.

Least Favorite Scene: Do I HAVE to pick?

Score: 1.5. (Jeremy Irons gives this an extra half of a point).


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