Christmas Spectacular Thing: The Simpsons: Season 23, Episode 22: "Lisa Goes Gaga"

Airdate: May 20th, 2012.


Synopsis: …just… no. I’m not even going to bother. Just… Lady Gaga goes to cheer Lisa up, because of her power of… something…

Why should I bother? They didn’t. They get paid for it.

Review: Two words:

Three more words: What? The? Hell?

 I mean it. As bad as other episodes could be, this has to be the show’s low point. It has to be the standard against what all future episodes are measured.
OK, let’s start with this episode’s main problem… Stefani Germanotta herself. The writers were going for Lady Gaga to be this superhuman who is too awesome, who’s TEARS are made of diamond. They succeeded with flying colors… and not in a good way. Lady Gaga comes off as even more of a Mary Sue than… well, Lieutenant Mary Sue herself! She comes in, EVERYBODY in Springfield loves her (including Grandpa: “I love you, Lady Zsa-Zsa!” Ugh!), characters break character (whatever little character they do have at this point), the plot is cliche to the nth degree, the writing is all over the place…
…am I just repeating myself now? I HAVE to be repeating myself now! It’s the same schlock, turned up to 11! It’s just pathetic!

Normally, I will give the guest voice actors credit, as they do a decent job despite the material. However, even Gaga couldn’t save this episode. Sorry, but that’s a sign of stupidity there!

What’s with the redundant dialogue? What’s with the cheesy pop music? Why did Lady Gaga have SUPERPOWERS? What’s with the random hash-tagged moments? Why did Gaga kissing Marge? (Yes, that happened)? What’s with the Gaga Express? Why is EVERY character unlikable? Why does this episode exist?
After watching this episode, I finally realized that The Simpsons was now synonymous with “Franchises that were sullied by going on too freaking long. This was the episode that finally knocked the show off its perch as my favorite show of all time (I had not seen Red Dwarf yet, and Gravity Falls was but a month off from its premiere. There might have been worse episodes, but this episode was the episode that dealt the most horrendous blow. Every copy of this episode should be wiped. It’s a shame that this will be played in syndication for the next 100 years, while 90 episodes of Doctor Who are missing (many might be gone forever).
Overall, this never happened.
Favorite Scene: The end credits, if muted. Simply put, it was there that I finally converted into a “Simpsons must die”-type fanboy. I was no longer going to justify the show’s continued existence.
Least Favorite Scene: Three words… Gaga. Kisses. Marge.
What can I say about this screenshot? Well, let’s make a bullet point.
  • The hashtag at the bottom left. It might trend, but it won’t be memorable (for good reasons).
  • The art. It just looks weak in a screenshot.
  • After this scene, Marge got so excited that she made passionate love to Homer. Not. Kidding. Here. Lady Gaga gets people aroused.
  • Really? A “gay sweep week” kiss?
  • Probably the most damning part of this is that the classic Simpsons would have parodied this scene to heaven and back. When Homer went to a gay bar in “Fear of Flying”, there was no kissing, no ogling… Homer’s only concern was that the bar had no fire exits. (“Enjoy your deathtrap, ladies!”) This episode plays it so straight, that Marge gets aroused. This is the show thinking that it’s progressive, when in reality, it is borderline regressive. That one scene is a perfect example of what is wrong with the show… it’s a cliche, pathetic, poorly written mess that is coasting on its heritage.
  • Really, this is the scene where I realized that legacy was no longer a justifiable reason for The Simpsons remaining on the air.
Score: I’m not giving it a score. Why?
  1. There is an episode in the Scully Era that is more deserving of a 0 score than this.
  2. Giving it a score would convince my mind that this episode exists. This episode is far removed from The Simpsons in terms of writing style. Just calling this an episode of The Simpsons is an insult to The Simpsons.
  3. Even if I DID give it a score, it would probably break the scale.
Wrap Up: Do not watch Season 23. Oh, and Happy New Year. Next review, we’re returning to the Red Dwarf!

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