Gravity Falls Review: Season 2 Preview and Hopes

Yes, folks! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again! Gravity Falls is indeed coming back. Mark your calendars! Those in the US, “Scaryoke” premieres August 1st in the US on the Disney Channel. Those in the UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia… I’ve got nothing right now. BUT IT IS COMING!

I’ve made it clear that Gravity Falls is one of my favorite TV shows currently in production, and one of my all time favorite shows, period. Season 1, at it’s best, didn’t really break the mold as much as it created an entirely new mold. Even at it’s worst, it wasn’t really bad; it just didn’t excite me as much as the best episodes did. It’s characters, plots, symbolism, and art… all of it ranged from “pretty damn good” to “sublime”. Even characters that seemed like they didn’t get development actually have so much potential to develop, that I’m willing to excuse their lack of focus.

So far, here’s what we know:

  • “Scaryoke”, as mentioned above will launch the season on the Disney Channel. It will ape some plot elements from “Double Dipper”, with a “Mystery Shack is Back” party… this time, it’s overrun by “unwelcome guests”.
  • “Into the Bunker” will be the first new episode premiered on Disney X-D, on August 4th. It will focus on the Mystery Shack employees diving deep into an underground bunker to see the true writer of the books.
  • There will be episodes dedicated to fleshing out characters that previously had bit or supporting parts. These include Wendy and Pacifica, two characters that, in my personal opinion, could’ve had so much more development (see below).
  • One of the writers for this season will be Josh Weinstein… the same Josh Weinstein that (along with Bill Oakley) ran Seasons 7 and 8 for The Simpsons. Seasons 7 and 8 were more well known for their focus on character while also being more down to earth compared to Season 5. Weinstein’s scripts during seasons 5 and (to a lesser extent) 6 were also more “domestic” and less surreal than the rest of the episodes during those two seasons. Oh, he also created Mission Hill, a tragically underrated TV show.

Barring any changes in my schedule, I will be able to catch episode 1 when it airs.

Now, what do I want in this series? Let’s run it down, lads!

  • As mentioned above, two of the show’s most underused characters are Wendy and Pacifica. I saw the untapped potential these two had. They were tragically reduced to relatively one-dimensional roles: Dipper fell in love with the Dave Lister wannabe who was going out with Robbie, and Pacifica acted like a snob. Maybe we could get some depth into their characters. What did they know about the incidents in Gravity Falls? What power does Pacifica hold? Maybe the Dipper/Wendy relationship will be fleshed out to be more professional and more staunchly platonic.
  • Of course, questions have to be answered. Specifically:
    • What power does Stan really have? While I wasn’t too surprised at the reveal at the end of the season, it did open a new wave of questions.
    • “Boyz Crazy”, the platinum episode of the season (and thus far, the series), revealed Robbie to have hypnotized Wendy via music. Where did he get the music? What connections does he have? What was his intent? Is he a perverted jackass, or is there another motive?
  • Hopefully, the plots should take a more dramatic turn. I would implement something of a season-long arc, maybe a self-contained episode or two sprinkled in.
  • While a part of me wants new, creative antagonists, I believe that the show’s best source of conflict will be between it’s established characters.
It’s a bit of a short list, but I think that’s more of a testament to the quality of Gravity Falls than anything else. Really, the big concern I have is that the show should keep up to the standards of the first season. It’ll be tough, but I think the writers will do well.

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