September Announcements

So, August wasn’t really too productive of a month for me. Why? I just fell lazy. Which begs the question: what about the rest of the year?

Well, here’s the state of the blog.

First off, my plans to go back and look at Red Dwarf from episode 1? For now, those are on the back burner… probably for about a year or so. Why? Simply put, I feel that I am still too close to my reviews of the show. Also, I have other plans involving the show.

You see, I want to review Red Dwarf X, putting out reviews of each episode on the 2-year anniversary of their airdate. That, and with Red Dwarf XI possibly coming next year, I want that to pass as well before I take a look back at series I.

For now, the following shows are on my table:

  • Gravity Falls reviews will still go out as normal, about 2-3 days after the new episodes air. If this season is the last, then after this season airs, after I have a nice long sob, I’ll go back and redo my original reviews.
  • As for Scullyfied Simpsons, my review for “This Little Wiggy” should probably go out later this week. I’m going to try and do a review every week, if not every other week. I’ll probably increase the frequency of my reviews as we enter the zany idiocy of season 10.
  • I’m also thinking of doing a fourth show. So far, the following are in “contention”:
    • Star Trek: Enterprise, simply because it’s sort of ignored in the Star Trek fandom.  I want to see how it holds up 13-14 years later.
    • Star Trek: The Original Series, with what’s going on in the world today, it would be an interesting idea to take a look at the 60s and see just how similar it is to the 2010s.
    • Futurama, albeit with a caveat: if I review Futurama, it’s getting it’s own blog. Why? Because Futurama is simply that awesome.
    • Twin Peaks, a show that I consider the spiritual grandfather to Gravity Falls.
    • Steven Universe, another show that could have it’s own blog due to the sheer amount of episodes available, plus the awesomeness of the show itself.
    • Probably not making it, but still a decent contender, is Galactica 1980.
So, that’s the state of the blog. I’m alright, I just fell lazy this August.

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