January (Sick and Tired, You’ve Been Hanging On Me)

Hello, everybody! Time for a quick little site update!

Here’s the deal- it’s January, there’s no more Red Dwarf episodes to watch, it’s too soon to go back, no Gravity Falls episodes to watch this month, still can’t decide on if I want to do a fourth show, blah, blah, blah. I’ll cut to the chase- until new Gravity Falls appears, things are getting pretty quiet.

If there’s still a Gravity Falls drought in February (I hope not), then I’ll probably (not definitely) use that month to finish up Season 9 of Scullyfied Simpsons, do my “9 Worst Episodes” of the season, and maybe start Season 10.

Back to that fourth show- at this point, if I do it, I’m conflicted on whether to do something long-form (X-Files, Enterprise), short-form (Twin Peaks, Invader Zim), or British- where the seasons are shorter (Sherlock, Broadchurch).

Again, the review of a fourth show is still not guaranteed. If you have any ideas, request them in the comments. I just have a few requirements- either I can do a damn fine essay analyzing it (i.e, nothing like the stuff I put out in my first year), or I can blast it to high heaven (in which case, it will likely have to be short form.) I would also prefer it if your show was available via legal means- thus allowing me stable access to the program (and preventing me from having my ISP throttle my speeds, yadda yadda yadda).

Oh, and in case I do so, I’m almost certainly ruling out Doctor Who, on the grounds that a) it’s been done before, and b), it would take too long.

TL;DR- quiet month, thinking about reviewing fourth show, probably not touching Doctor Who.


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