New Name, Same Geek

Hello, readers… whatever ones I have….

Some of you might have noticed that I have decided to rename my Blogspot username. Thing is, there’s a Youtuber that had my old name, and I simply decided to differentiate further. My name is, well, taken after Starbug from Red Dwarf, as well as the anniversary date for the premiere of the first Red Dwarf episode.

Over the year, I also plan to get a new URL and name. (Yes, the second name in two years- Innes Lloyd and Gerry Davis are spinning in their graves.) However, I won’t deviate from the Blogspot platform… not yet. Why? Blogspot is free. (Let’s just hope it stays that way).

Update: 24/1/15: I changed my name again, from 215 to 1729, simply because 215 seemed a bit on the nose.


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