Gravity Falls, Dipcifica, and You!

Hey, welcome to the new site. Same as the old site, just at a new URL.

What better way to make a first “real” post for the new URL then speculating on the “Northwest Mystery Noir”, the next episode of Gravity Falls? Or, as I like to call it, “ShipCON 2”, given that the fandom is freaking out over who is going to make out with whom.

Yes, Dipper and Pacifica will wind up in a mystery together in Pacifica’s mansion. Alone. Without anybody else. Apparently, they have to go take on a ghost or something of the sort. Gee, what uncharted territory.

Fans right now are waiting, hearts skipping beats as the American airdate (February 16th) comes closer, so they can flip out if and/or when Pacifica smooches Dipper.

Given the buildup this episode has (coming off of a nearly three-month hiatus not helping), I figured I’d discuss what might be the most discussed aspect of this episode so far- the possibility of Dipcifica, or Pacifidip, or the Lilac Tree, or whatever the hell the fandom is calling this ship.

Ladies, Gentlemen, representatives from the fine press establishments and the New York Post


Well, let’s get a few things out of the way- I haven’t commented too much on romance because, for the most part, I try and be a bit less “zealous” over the romantic aspects in a TV show. As long as the romance is built up well, and both characters are likable, I’ll support most romances that appear in a TV show.

This leads me to… whatever the hell Pacifica/Dipper is being called.

On one hand, I do feel like putting these two together could tread some worn ground. Let’s face it- “working-class hero softens callous Ojou, the two go out” isn’t too original of an idea. Then again, nothing really is nowadays.

Also, as I alluded to above, the idea that, because you’re a serialized show, you need some sort of romantic subplot seems a bit… off. It can be done well, but shouldn’t romance come second to a damn good story? Or, if romance is primary, have a damn good story to back it up? (Gravity Falls lands in the former.)

However, I have to note a few things on why this could work.

First off, if there’s any romance for Dipper in Gravity Falls, it’s likely going to be this. WenDip appears to be purely platonic now, CanDip appears to be going nowhere, and everything else, at best, makes little sense. At all.

Second is the tension. Pacifica has acted, at best, aloof to Mabel. The twin code seen in this show has Dipper and Mabel practically inseparable. Pacifica messing with Mabel would not make Dipper a happy camper. Now, why is this not a problem? There’s actually room for conflict- relationships (non-romantic) beyond the two can develop, and with the writing staff as good as it has been so far, I can see all characters involved remaining likable throughout. There’s less room for an “easy way” as it is with other potential relationships (cough*CanDip*cough).

Also, if Dipper and Pacifica warm up to each other (not necessarily hooks up, just have a friendlier relationship), we might see Pacifica aid Dipper, Mabel, Wendy, Candy, and/or Grenda in the “issues of the week”, rather than have her be a relatively one-dimensional character.

I’m not what you would consider a “shipper” of these two, however. I’m not obsessing over them, I won’t get irritated if they don’t hook up in the end, and most alternatives are fine by me.

I’m more concerned with a more serious question. Will this episode rock my socks off? “The Love God” was a bit of a disappointment. However, with the show’s normal standards, and “The Love God” not meeting those standards, I don’t think the writers will have a problem.


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