A Guide to Watching "A Tale of Two Stans"

Well, folks, tomorrow is the big day. After a three-month hiatus, new episodes of Gravity Falls return to the TV screens of the nation.

So, the question is – what should we as the fandom do?

First, and most importantly, please watch the show live! If you can’t, please use WatchDisneyXD or your cable provider’s OnDemand to watch the show. Those count toward the viewership of the show, and the higher the viewers, the more likely a season 3 is to be commissioned.

Second, realize that this episode will be a thirty-minute long affair… straight through. No commercials. No breaks. Make of that what you will. Obviously, though, if you encounter an emergency during the show, take care of that first. Your safety/well-being is more valuable than a TV show.

Third, if you have a blog – WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr – give your reaction to the episode! If you don’t have a blog on those platforms, sign up for one. (I personally use Blogger, obviously – rather simple to use.) Let’s try and pull a Breaking Bad – get the word of mouth to spread, and increase the ratings.

Lastly, just remember that, as far as we know, this is the one episode that will air this month. Soak it all in. We get two episodes in August, though, so that’s good.

Tomorrow. 8:30 PM EDT. DisneyXD.


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