Another Brief Note About My Reviews

Just letting you know that I don’t think I’m going to be reviewing Steven Universe’s “Nightmare Hospital”, which airs tomorrow night. At least, not yet. I am trying to review the episodes in order, and I really think that reviewing the newest episode outright would just be a bit awkward.

I will watch it, however, and might make a note about the episode in an appropriate review, whether it be another SU review, a Gravity Falls review, etc.

Meanwhile, just a couple of notes about my other reviews:

  • Barring any last-minute changes, I think that the “Last Mabelcorn” review will go out tomorrow.
  • My review of Star Trek IV should be out by the end of the weekend.
  • I intend to review “Together Breakfast” sometime within the next week or two.
  • I might also get to “Bart the Mother”, thus allowing me more time to review “Treehouse of Horror IX” in October.

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