Real Life Interferes With My Review Plans… Again.

So, yeah… my plans to get my “Weirdmageddon” out by the week after it aired seemed to go off the rails a little bit.

Yup, real life happened. I had to write a couple of papers for school. Thus, I had to push my review of “Weirdmageddon” back a bit more than I wanted. It will go out tomorrow, but still. And if that wasn’t enough, I still have other papers to write for the rest of the semester.

It doesn’t exactly give me joy to announce that this will also affect my plans for my Star Trek movie reviews. My intent was to review the four TNG movies over December. However, with the amount of stuff I have to do involving school, I no longer see this as feasible or realistic without compromising the quality of the reviews.

Going further, to try and keep my time straightened out, I have decided to push my review of The Undiscovered Country back to late November. The earliest. It might wind up pushed back to mid-December – the latest. Reviews of shorter-length shows (such as my reviews of Steven Universe/Gravity Falls/The Simpsons) will almost certainly go out in the meantime.


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