Reaching the End of Gravity Falls

Yes, the rumors are true.

To condense everything in this link, Alex Hirsch has confirmed that Season 2 is the end of Gravity Falls. It is done. Finished. Bye bye, love. To condense the facts even further…

  • Alex made the decision to bring the show to the end itself. This was planned from the start of season 2.
  • This was done to make sure the show didn’t fall into Lost Syndrome, that it wouldn’t drive it’s viewers away with a more and more complicated and pointless plot.
  • Disney didn’t want to mess with the ratings by announcing that season 2 was the end… until now.
  • Two more episodes left – the next one (“Weirdmageddon II”) and an hour-long event (“Weirdmageddon III”). After that… adios.
Sad as this may seem, I am honestly not surprised. It definitely felt like the show was going to wrap up sooner rather than later. Hell, I was glad that it got a season 2 in the first place – it just seemed so out of place on the Disney lineup, that I thought Disney was going to punt it. But hearing the news that it is coming to an end is certainly a bit sobering. 
I’ll have a fuller eulogy out after the whole wrap-up, but to put it simply, this was one of the first “new” shows I really loved in a good while. I still love this show, and always will.
And fans, take solace in this fact – Twin Peaks got 30 episodes. Gravity Falls beat it’s spiritual predecessor by 10 episodes. Also, the show’s quality never imploded, a-la Lost or Heroes. Take solace in that, as well.
Besides, this show has practically guaranteed that Alex Hirsch will likely create another show. While time will tell if he does so (he might need a rest), I am confident that he isn’t out of ideas or talent yet. As for what he might develop… again, don’t be antsy.
So, we’ll watch the end of the journey, and hopefully, Gravity Falls goes out with a bang so large, it shakes the fandom to it’s core.

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