Taking Another Brief Break

Just letting you know ahead of time that the next review (either “Fusion Cuisine” or “Make Room for Lisa”) won’t be posted for at least another couple of days or so, possibly a week. I’m starting a new school year, and am dealing – mentally and otherwise – with some of the transitional aspects, given that I’ve transferred from a community college to my local four-year university. (Thankfully, I’m living off campus, so the transition is a bit easier, but still.)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

On an unrelated note, despite the Summer of Steven ending, new episodes are still airing weekly, for those unaware. Thursday night’s episode, “Mindful Education”, was easily one of the show’s best episodes – containing both a thought-provoking plot, awesome character development, and what I consider to be my favorite song from the series so far. (Yes, I prefer it to “Stronger Than You” and “It’s Over, Isn’t It”.) Standout effort all around.


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