Review Nebula Announcements: September 2016

Hello, everybody. With September 2016 right here, I just want to make a couple of announcements regarding what this month – and, to a lesser extent, this year – holds for The Review Nebula.
First off, let’s back to the boys in the Small Rouge One.

The trailer for Red Dwarf XI came out less than a week ago – premiering on Dave and rapidly getting posted to YouTube through official and unofficial channels.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed.

Honestly, and to put it briefly, I think this is what Series VII could be if it was, y’know, good. This trailer has a good amount of drama, quite a bit of action… and it’s still pretty damn funny. Hey, one of the episodes is going to be an updated version of “Identity Within”, so… methinks Doug Naylor wanted to make it up to those that felt like VII felt off.

This, though, leads to a question nobody asked… when will I be reviewing Red Dwarf XI?

I’ll put it as simply as possible – as soon as the episodes are up on iTunes USA, they will be subject to review. I can’t guarantee the reviews will be up by the airing of the next episode, but I’ll get as close as possible.

To make this task easier, I have a personal edict – as soon as any of the are available to review, this blog becomes exclusively dedicated to Red Dwarf reviews until I am finished with the series. This means, not only no Scullyfied Simpsons, but no Steven Universe.

As far as Steven Universe goes, I think I’ll be able to get at least “Garnet’s Universe” out by the time Red Dwarf XI becomes available, and will very likely be able to review “Watermelon Steven”. Less likely is a review of “Lion 3: Straight to Video”, mainly because that episode is often cited as a fan favorite. I want to nail that review. Still, if I find the time to review it, it will be done.

But, Red Dwarf XI notwithstanding, I want to make a dent in my SU reviews over the rest of the year – get as many episodes done and reviewed as cohesively as possible.

It is in that spirit that I announce that my reviews of The Simpsons will be going on a hiatus, likely until the new year. While a review or two might be posted until then, I want to concentrate more of my reviewing efforts into two shows I love dearly, rather than watch the continued decline of one of the all-time greats.

Here’s hoping for a fantastic autumn.


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