So, About My Red Dwarf XI Reviews…

…something’s been flamingoed up.

It’s been about three days since “Twentica” premiered in the UK – ten if you count it’s debut on UKTV Play. And as of this moment, Series XI is not available on iTunes. Nor is it on Google Play, Amazon Prime, etc. Basically, the US is locked out of the Boys from the Dwarf as of now.

And before anybody asks, I refuse to torrent the show. I don’t need a virus on my Macbook.

I did, however, manage to get a good look at this bit of info from Amazon.

So, the DVD for Red Dwarf XI won’t be out for another month and a half. In effect, I think it’s a sign that Red Dwarf XI won’t be available on American services until that time.

In effect, I don’t think Red Dwarf XI will be reviewed on this blog until then.


Also, this does lead to a minor change in my overall schedule. On my Futurama review blog, I noted that I was taking a brief vacation from updating that particular blog partially due to upcoming reviews of Red Dwarf XI. That quasi-hiatus is likely off – although it depends on the stress my schoolwork puts on me. My review of “Where the Buggalo Roam” will likely come out over the next couple of weeks.

In short, d’oh.


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