That’s About Average for Second Class Post! (Red Dwarf Reviews: Series XI Preview)

“Well, gentlemen, congratulations. Scrambling in a red alert situation, a new record time – one hour, seventeen minutes, thirty-nine seconds!”

After a wait of a month and a half since its premiere in Britain, Red Dwarf XI has made its debut on America’s iTunes.

I’m assuming they saved the iTunes release until today in order to keep the DVD sales at least somewhat respectable. Then again, given that the show debut a week before it’s TV release on UKTVPlay, one has to wonder what Dave was thinking.

Nonetheless, I’m glad the show is out stateside, and that I can review it without dealing with viruses from a Torrent. (Yes, I’m a dork.) It’s the first Red Dwarf since 2012. In that time frame, there have been an entire series of Olympics, four Super Bowls, a change in the British Premiership and its relationship with Europe, and America is torn between the two least liked presidential candidates since the 19th century.

Yeah, this show will provide a bit of an escape.

My plan is this – I have a review of “Future Vision” in the offing. Meanwhile, I will be writing my review of “Twentica”. I intend to have both out by Thanksgiving, the very latest. After whatever comes out last, it’s all Red Dwarf until Christmas, maybe even the new year.

And, as is customary with my reviews of Red Dwarf, here is a preview of the episodes I have to review, based off of the iTunes descriptions.

  • Twentica: The crew wind up in an alternate version of America, where electronic machines are banned.
  • Samsara: The Dwarfers have to confront their nightmares as they encounter a crashed ship at the bottom of a planet’s ocean.
  • Give and Take: Lister’s kidneys are hijacked after a conflict with a droid. The only person that has similar kidneys is the Cat. (Personally speaking, I’m getting a bad “Kidney Trouble” vibe from this.)
  • Officer Rimmer: Well, the title is pretty self-explanatory. Rimmer becomes promoted after saving a “bio-officer”, and his ego soars to new heights.
  • Krysis: Kryten goes through a mid-life krysis (damn it, crisis), and the Dwarfers have to get him to realize that he’s wanted aboard the small rouge one.
  • Can of Worms: The Cat actually falls in love. It’s not with a clone of himself, though – he falls in love with a lady cat.

Well, Red Dwarf is back. Step up to blue alert.

“Sir, are you absolutely sure? It does require changing the bulb.”


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