Sadie Miller and the Tenth Doctor To Star in Ducktales Reboot

“Philistines! I mean, how can you remake Casablanca? The one staring Myra Binglebat and Peter Beardsley was definitive!” – David Lister (Red Dwarf, “Better Than Life”) expressing many people’s initial reaction to remakes. Thankfully, he might just be rebutted.

Today, DisneyXD (AKA, that network that made the lives of Gravity Falls fans utter torture) debut a trailer for their reboot of the 80s cartoon DuckTales. It introduced the cast by having them sing the (incredibly) memorable theme song.

Of note is Kate Micucci, the voice of Steven Universe‘s Sadie, getting the role of Webby, a friend of the triplets. (I am going to roll over laughing if Kate Flannery, Matthew Moy, and/or Zach Callison get a guest role. Reddit and Tumblr will have a field day.)

But, even more notable (especially to people that don’t watch Steven Universe, or are British and/or Anglophiles) is the choice for Scrooge McDuck.

Courtesy of Wikipedia

Imagine the Tenth Doctor as Scrooge McDuck. One of the most beloved nerds in modern fiction, being Scrooge. Like it or not (and I like it), it’s gonna happen. Hey, David Tennant is actually Scottish, so we’re assured that the richest duck in animation will keep his Scottish accent.

Honestly, I just have one request from the makers of this show. Granted, Dana Terrace (a GF alumnus) is part of the cast, so it should be easy, but my request is very simple…

Take everything the Powerpuff Girls reboot did, and do the opposite. (Yeah, that turned out to be a bust, eh? The second the girls began twerking in that dream episode, my hope for that reboot shriveled up and died. Whoever thought that was a good idea?)

Still, so far, they are on the right foot. All of the VAs seem to enjoy their roles so far, and the promos seem to hint at a refreshed art style that still seems recognizable. It looks like a fun show, and I can’t wait to see it.

(Also, between this show’s reboot and the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency, is anybody else feeling like the 80s are coming back? Member New Wave?)


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