Where Did I Go?

…yeah. It’s coming up on two and a half weeks since I last posted something. Not the first time I’ve gone a rather long stretch without an update, but probably the longest in some time.

I am deeply sorry for the radio silence. There are a few things that did go on over the past couple of weeks in my personal life – a couple of projects, some midterms, and a rather wonky schedule. Not helping matters was a small malaise – a cold, I think – that I came down with last week that sapped my energy for a couple of days. (I’ve rebounded since.)

Also, my next review is looking like that of “Maximum Capacity”. And, to be honest here, the last few episodes of Steven Universe have varied considerably in their quality. StevenBomb 5 was “very good, but not as great as the prior StevenBombs”, same with “Room for Ruby”, “Tiger Philanthropist” was a dud, and “Rocknaldo” irritated me. There have been some great episodes  – “Storm in the Room” was disquieting, for example – but I think SU‘s been off-balance so far this season, and I think it’s quieted my enthusiasm for this thus-far brilliant series a little bit.

Still, that’s no excuse. I should’ve updated a bit earlier as to what is going on, and I am sorry.

Thankfully, I have Spring Break this week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to focus and finish up my “Maximum Capacity” review by St. Patrick’s Day.


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