OK K.O.! Debuts Tomorrow Night

OK KO Let's Be Heroes Title

Just a reminder for anybody interested that Cartoon Network’s newest show, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes is set to debut tomorrow night (August 1st) at 6:15. For the impatient, the first few episodes are online right now.

I bring this up because the show is the brainchild of Ian Jones-Quartey, well known as a Steven Universe alum. It got its start in 2013 as part of a shorts program from Cartoon Network, became a web series that debut on YouTube and on CN’s Website last year, and is now set to hit Cable TV.

OK K.O.! revolves around the titular character, the optimistic and youthful K.O., and his quest to be the world’s greatest hero in a rather RPG-esque world. To get started on his quest, he takes up employment at a mall bodega. His coworkers serve to balance his idealistic and inexperienced persona – the muscular meathead Radicles (portrayed by Jones-Quartey, by the way) and the apathetic teenager Enid.

May as well lay down some of my very quick thoughts. I saw the first couple of episodes online, and I’m pleased with what this show has provided so far. The characters are likable, the RPG style is visually appealing and captivating, and its sardonic take on retail works well in tandem with the action-oriented world that the show is set in. It’s both a brilliant parody and a loving tribute.

So far, the emphasis seems to be on the more comic aspect of the world, with elements of character development and a stronger continuity thrown in. Which is fine no matter what. Hey, Steven Universe started as a rather comic-focused show in Season 1A, and grew into one of the most moving TV shows on the air right now. Even if the creators decide to stick to a more comic aspect, I think that would make the show stand out on its own merits – playing off the absurd and the mundane to create a show that gets the balance right.

Also, on a side note, take a look at the end credits for a second, sung by Rebecca Sugar:

C’mon – that’s both meta and adorable.

More information about the production can be found on the show’s Tumblr blog, including an interesting connection between this show and SU‘s G.U.Y.S. figurines from “Onion Trade”.

So far, OK K.O.! seems set to impress. It even seems that Cartoon Network has some faith in it – they’re debuting at least one episode every weekday through much of August.

Best of luck to Ian and the crew.


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