Five Years of The Review Nebula

…whod’ve thunk it?

Five years and two days ago, if you told me that I would be regularly updating a review blog of my favorite TV shows, I would have laughed at you.

Then I got assigned a class project to start a blog and post assignments on them (assignments that have been lost to the etches of time), was given the option to post whatever else crossed my mind onboard, and the rest is history.

Yeah, my first reviews were pretty thin on actual content – it wasn’t until 2014 when I really began emphasizing the actual review of my reviews – and my opinions on some episodes covered may have shifted quite a bit. (I would probably have been less caustic against “Time Travelers Pig” and probably a bit more critical about “Boyz Crazy”, but that’s more in hindsight.) Still, to look back at what I’ve accomplished so far…

…and really, it’s all thanks to you guys. Every single person that’s read my reviews, that’s followed this blog, from London to LA, Warsaw to Wellington, through the name changes and the URL moves, I can’t thank you enough. I might not be the most clicked-on blogger out there, but that doesn’t lessen the thanks I have for you guys.

(Also, mad thanks to Rebecca Sugar, Matt Groening, Alex Hirsch, Gene Roddenberry, Rob Grant, Doug Naylor, and everybody else involved, all for creating the subjects of these silly little reviews. Even when I’m critical of the end result, it’s you lot who make the art and put it out for public analysis. Mad kudos to you guys.)

A toast to the lustrum, and hopefully the blog will thrive to hit the decade mark.


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