A Recap of Channel Awesome’s Utter Collapse

Today’s post is a bit out of character for this blog – as this is less of a review and more of a recap of recent events involving Channel Awesome, a video review aggregate site. I’ve been contemplating something like this for the past month, but always backed away. However, on Thursday, new details came to light that shocked me, and within 48 hours, I had put this together. I let it sit for a day to see if a) I wanted to go through with this, or b) anything would change.


…wow, that escalated quickly.

Channel Awesome, once considered amongst the premiere entertainment sites on the internet, appears to be in its death throes. What started as a mere critical twitter thread from longtime and former contributors a month ago has exploded into a dramatic scandal that may very well drive the company out of business.

It is basically the real-life example of what TV Tropes (a site that had a love affair with CA) calls “Disaster Dominoes” – one thing leads to another, eventually resulting in a catastrophe. Change one factor, and CA still has something vaguely resembling dignity today, producing…

Oh, who am I kidding? This was gonna happen soon anyway. It’s just that, instead of a slow decline petering out through the rest of the decade, what was a slow decline suddenly went into top gear before hitting MAXIMUM OVERDRIVEand now Channel Awesome is effectively on death-watch. If The Simpsons is a show being kept alive in a vegetative state to milk any money possible from the franchise, Channel Awesome is likely skipping that state and heading straight to hospice care, spending its last days watching as the Walker brothers, the management, and contributors prepare to sue each other onto the dole.

In fact, let’s take a (somewhat opinionated) play-by-play of what exactly what the hell happened, particularly in the back half of the site’s existence.

(Warning: this is going to be quite long. However, it is also not meant to be exhaustive – we’re just getting some basics thrown down here.)

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Big Game Pain

Mind if I vent about sports for a second?

"HOPE YOU BOTH LOSE! Tough to pick a side in battle between Patriots, Eagles"

So… tonight is the 52nd Super Bowl.

And tonight marks the perfect end to what was for me a season of football misery.

I’ve made no secret about my New York Giants fandom through the years. Since I first became a fan way back in 2004, I’ve watched almost every single game, and took immense joy in the two championships – against the New England Patriots, no less! After a period of mediocrity from 2012-2015, I thought we were within striking distance of a Super Bowl this season.

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Can We Not Wreck The Internet, FCC?

It’s easy when you’ve got all the information.
Inside help, no investigation.
No questions in the House, no give and take.
There’s a big bang in the City.
We’re all on the make…
“Shopping”, Pet Shop Boys

Today, July 12th, 2017, is notable for being few things:

  1. A Wednesday, which means you’re gonna need a nice big cup of coffee;
  2. One of the few days without any major sporting events in America (only Wimbledon); and
  3. A day of action to support the idea of Net Neutrality.

So, I know what you’re all thinking… what is ESPN going to talk about apart from Wimbledon? Don’t worry – they’re probably talking about Lavar Ball and how he’s trying to perfect the foot sandwich. Maybe Carmelo Anthony will get traded by dinner time tonight. Oh, there’s also the Mayweather/McGregor fight.

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They Gave 110% – Homer Simpson Enters Cooperstown


Well, Mr. Burns had done it.
The Power Plant had won it
With Roger Clemens clucking all the while.
Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness made a smile.
As Wade Boggs lay unconscious on the ballroom tile…

I just want to give a quick bit of congratulations to The Simpsons for getting Homer Simpson into the Baseball Hall of Fame – primarily for their brilliant “Homer at the Bat”.

Probably the most memorable episode of The Simpsons third season (if not my personal favorite), “Homer at the Bat” really did strike gold as to the appeal enclosed. It was silly, both in the sheer amount of baseball legends it featured playing for the Power Plant and the situations they faced themselves in keeping them away from the championship. However, beneath that was the idea of a small softball club getting taken over by baseball supremos, and our hapless and quirky protagonist getting shafted to the side, absolutely crushing him. It also played with sports cliches – Homer doesn’t go back in because his replacement was unavailable or out of sympathy, but out of strategy. There was no “save the orphanage” trope – it was all just to add another $1M to the pile. Continue reading

Sadie Miller and the Tenth Doctor To Star in Ducktales Reboot

“Philistines! I mean, how can you remake Casablanca? The one staring Myra Binglebat and Peter Beardsley was definitive!” – David Lister (Red Dwarf, “Better Than Life”) expressing many people’s initial reaction to remakes. Thankfully, he might just be rebutted.

Today, DisneyXD (AKA, that network that made the lives of Gravity Falls fans utter torture) debut a trailer for their reboot of the 80s cartoon DuckTales. It introduced the cast by having them sing the (incredibly) memorable theme song.

Of note is Kate Micucci, the voice of Steven Universe‘s Sadie, getting the role of Webby, a friend of the triplets. (I am going to roll over laughing if Kate Flannery, Matthew Moy, and/or Zach Callison get a guest role. Reddit and Tumblr will have a field day.)

But, even more notable (especially to people that don’t watch Steven Universe, or are British and/or Anglophiles) is the choice for Scrooge McDuck.

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"Like The Cleaning of a House…" – The Simpsons Renewed Through Season 30

...it never ends.
Taken from frinkiac.com

FOX has given The Simpsons yet another stay of execution – keeping it on the air until Season 30.

The big news out of this is that The Simpsons will beat Gunsmoke in terms of it’s how many episodes it has aired. This makes it, simply put, the longest running primetime scripted show in American history.

My thoughts on the show’s quality have been relatively clear, but just in case you need a refresher, it’s time to bring the curtain down on America’s Favorite Family. The reasons have been listed time and again by fans across the internet, and I agree with at least 90% of them. In fact, animation critic PieGuyRulz actually created a video that sums up the central problem with the show – it’s story engine and time within that have effectively damned it to mediocrity.

Thankfully, I have a hunch that this could be the last time the show gets renewed. Continue reading

Gravity Falls, Dipcifica, and You!

Hey, welcome to the new site. Same as the old site, just at a new URL.

What better way to make a first “real” post for the new URL then speculating on the “Northwest Mystery Noir”, the next episode of Gravity Falls? Or, as I like to call it, “ShipCON 2”, given that the fandom is freaking out over who is going to make out with whom.

Yes, Dipper and Pacifica will wind up in a mystery together in Pacifica’s mansion. Alone. Without anybody else. Apparently, they have to go take on a ghost or something of the sort. Gee, what uncharted territory.

Fans right now are waiting, hearts skipping beats as the American airdate (February 16th) comes closer, so they can flip out if and/or when Pacifica smooches Dipper.

Given the buildup this episode has (coming off of a nearly three-month hiatus not helping), I figured I’d discuss what might be the most discussed aspect of this episode so far- the possibility of Dipcifica, or Pacifidip, or the Lilac Tree, or whatever the hell the fandom is calling this ship.

Ladies, Gentlemen, representatives from the fine press establishments and the New York Post

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