They Don’t Know The Meaning of The Word Canceled – Simpsons Renewed Through Season 32


Troy McClure: “So join America’s favorite TV family, and a tiny green space alien named Ozmodiar that only Homer can see, on FOX this fall. It’ll be out of this world! Right, Ozmodiar?”
Ozmodiar: “Damn straight, Troy, my man!”
– “The Simpsons Spin-Off Showcase”. Side note, that was one of the last episodes before Mike Scully became the showrunner.

Bucking my prediction from back in the halcyon days of November 2016, FOX has given The Simpsons, surprise, another two-year renewal. Assuming that this is for two full seasons (given that the show often has hangovers aired in the following autumn), this means that the show will continue to take up space on the FOX Network until at least the middle of 2021.

You know, when I joked in that aforementioned prediction that the show could conceivably gun for Coronation Street‘s record of being the longest-running scripted show in terms of years on the air, I didn’t mean it as a challenge! Continue reading


Gravity Falls Box Set To Release This July


Once upon a time, there was this little show called Gravity Falls. You might have heard of it. It revolved around these two kids, their scammer great-uncle, and their misadventures in the small titular town.

It was only the best damn thing ever to be produced by Disney, it’s quality all but ensuring my fandom from the moment I watched it and (alongside Red Dwarf) all but consuming my mind during the Spring and Summer of 2013. To this day, I consider it amongst my five favorite TV shows, period.

Even with the show’s major following and critical acclaim, I honestly doubted that the fine folks at the Disney Company would authorize a DVD Box Set. I mean, streaming appears to be where it’s at. Besides, Disney has entire sectors of media to take over (even if it did make Ripley a Disney Princess). There is no way that Disney would dedicate resources to a DVD Box Set of a cult TV show. A damn good cult TV show, but a cult TV show. I predicted that a DVD release was out of the question.

Then again, back in April 2017, I predicted that Theresa May would grind the Labour Party into a fine powder during the election later that year.

Screen Shot 2018-03-27 at 7.51.37 PM

How can I put this calmly…

Alex Hirsch, you madman! I don’t know what strings were pulled to get this released, and frankly, I don’t give a damn.  Continue reading

What’s Happening, Dudes?


Taken from the Red Dwarf official website.

“Well, this is a turn-up, innit? You better boogie on over, and we can sort it out.

So, no hard feelings then?

Yes, Norman Lovett is coming back to Red Dwarf for Series XII, due out in the UK on 12 October! I dunno how they got him back, but they did it! From that image alone, he barely looks 18 years older than he did the last time we saw him, way back in Series VIII.

Now, the question (besides what episode he turns up in) remains… how will they use his character?

(Spoilers below the break.) Continue reading

Composer Alf Clausen (And Orchestra) Sacked from The Simpsons

Taken from the Simpsons wiki.

After 28 years, Alf Clausen has been fired as the composer for The Simpsons.

He confirmed the info to on Wednesday night, noting that he was told the show “wanted to move in a different direction” and all that, and learned about his firing via a telephone call. This also brings an end to the show’s use of an orchestra – the compositions will be a one or two person operation (like Brad Breeck from Gravity Falls or Aivi/Surrashu from Steven Universe.)

Speculation from Variety was that the orchestra was costing too much, and the accountants decide to strike and increase profit margins over at Gracie Films or 20th Century Fox, or something.

To be fair, I will give management the benefit of the doubt on a few areas.

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OK K.O.! Debuts Tomorrow Night

OK KO Let's Be Heroes Title

Just a reminder for anybody interested that Cartoon Network’s newest show, OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes is set to debut tomorrow night (August 1st) at 6:15. For the impatient, the first few episodes are online right now.

I bring this up because the show is the brainchild of Ian Jones-Quartey, well known as a Steven Universe alum. It got its start in 2013 as part of a shorts program from Cartoon Network, became a web series that debut on YouTube and on CN’s Website last year, and is now set to hit Cable TV. Continue reading

They Gave 110% – Homer Simpson Enters Cooperstown


Well, Mr. Burns had done it.
The Power Plant had won it
With Roger Clemens clucking all the while.
Mike Scioscia’s tragic illness made a smile.
As Wade Boggs lay unconscious on the ballroom tile…

I just want to give a quick bit of congratulations to The Simpsons for getting Homer Simpson into the Baseball Hall of Fame – primarily for their brilliant “Homer at the Bat”.

Probably the most memorable episode of The Simpsons third season (if not my personal favorite), “Homer at the Bat” really did strike gold as to the appeal enclosed. It was silly, both in the sheer amount of baseball legends it featured playing for the Power Plant and the situations they faced themselves in keeping them away from the championship. However, beneath that was the idea of a small softball club getting taken over by baseball supremos, and our hapless and quirky protagonist getting shafted to the side, absolutely crushing him. It also played with sports cliches – Homer doesn’t go back in because his replacement was unavailable or out of sympathy, but out of strategy. There was no “save the orphanage” trope – it was all just to add another $1M to the pile. Continue reading

Sadie Miller and the Tenth Doctor To Star in Ducktales Reboot

“Philistines! I mean, how can you remake Casablanca? The one staring Myra Binglebat and Peter Beardsley was definitive!” – David Lister (Red Dwarf, “Better Than Life”) expressing many people’s initial reaction to remakes. Thankfully, he might just be rebutted.

Today, DisneyXD (AKA, that network that made the lives of Gravity Falls fans utter torture) debut a trailer for their reboot of the 80s cartoon DuckTales. It introduced the cast by having them sing the (incredibly) memorable theme song.

Of note is Kate Micucci, the voice of Steven Universe‘s Sadie, getting the role of Webby, a friend of the triplets. (I am going to roll over laughing if Kate Flannery, Matthew Moy, and/or Zach Callison get a guest role. Reddit and Tumblr will have a field day.)

But, even more notable (especially to people that don’t watch Steven Universe, or are British and/or Anglophiles) is the choice for Scrooge McDuck.

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"Like The Cleaning of a House…" – The Simpsons Renewed Through Season 30 never ends.
Taken from

FOX has given The Simpsons yet another stay of execution – keeping it on the air until Season 30.

The big news out of this is that The Simpsons will beat Gunsmoke in terms of it’s how many episodes it has aired. This makes it, simply put, the longest running primetime scripted show in American history.

My thoughts on the show’s quality have been relatively clear, but just in case you need a refresher, it’s time to bring the curtain down on America’s Favorite Family. The reasons have been listed time and again by fans across the internet, and I agree with at least 90% of them. In fact, animation critic PieGuyRulz actually created a video that sums up the central problem with the show – it’s story engine and time within that have effectively damned it to mediocrity.

Thankfully, I have a hunch that this could be the last time the show gets renewed. Continue reading