Happy 30th, Red Dwarf!


It was Monday, February 15th, 1988 in the UK.

Margaret Thatcher was Prime Minister of Britain, enjoying her third term with a 100-seat majority. Australian actress Kylie Minogue was on top of the Singles Charts with her Stock/Aitken/Waterman disco classic “I Should Be So Lucky”. Tracey Ullman had crossed the Atlantic and was the front of her own sketch show on the fledgling FOX network. Liverpool had not lost a match in the First Division yet.

That evening, many a Briton decided to sit down in front of their television. At 9:00 that evening, five million people decided to tune in to this new show on BBC Two, advertised as such.

And that, my friends, is how Red Dwarf blasted into the world. Continue reading


My Futurama Blog Will Return, Meatbags!


“On the count of three, you will awaken feeling refreshed, as if Futurama hadn’t been canceled by idiots, then brought back by bigger idiots!”

As some of you might know, I have a blog dedicated to reviewing every single Futurama episode ever. It was launched in January 2015, and I am currently up to “The Route of All Evil”, from Season 3.

It has not been updated since this past January.

Yeah, I dropped the ball in a river and hurled the river into space there. I have no excuse for my unexplained hiatus… other than the show not being available to stream on Netflix since this past July. (I could also pull the “burnout” card and wanting to catch up on Steven Universe and Scullyfied Simpsons, but… yeah, people have powered through worse.)

But, after a period of contemplation (and news that reruns will begin to air on SyFy and the show will stream on Hulu) I’ve decided that the show will return to my review schedule. It will probably be one episode a month, maybe two if I’m interested, but it’s high time that I watched Futurama again. Continue reading

Passing the Torch to WordPress

(Note – since you’re reading this on WordPress itself, you can ignore this post.)

This is my 295th post – give or take – on this silly little blog I started back in high school. And I want to let you know why I’m making a note of it.

My 300th post will be a return to Star Trek movie reviews. It will cover Generations – the first film to feature The Next Generation cast and crew, as well as the last film to feature William Shatner as Captain Jim Kirk. The film’s intent is to serve as a formal “passing of the torch” from the TOS era to the TNG era – which was getting underway with DS9 in its second season and Voyager in production.

I actually find it rather fitting that it will be the subject of my 300th post… because it will be the last review, and the penultimate post, on the Blogspot platform I’ve used for the past four years.

Over the past several months, I’ve waffled back and forth on whether or not to move The Review Nebula over to another platform – read, WordPress. After sampling it over the past few months, I’ve come to the conclusion that, while Blogspot has served me well, it’s time for a fresh coat of paint.

And yes, I am aware that I do make somewhat dramatic changes to the blog once every year or so. Whether it’s a name change, a URL change, or design alterations, I’ve tinkered with this blog to fit my desires. Consider this probably the most dramatic change this blog has ever made.

It’s right here – The Review Nebula. Check it out – and it should appear in Google searches rather soon.

Now, the Blogspot version will stay up for at least a year after the final post – partially as an archive, partially to redirect readers over, partially to serve as a bit of nostalgia. And who knows, I might make an update on Blogspot once in a while should something dramatic occur. But the time has, again, come to kiss and say goodbye.

So, what next?

For the most part, the last five posts on Blogger will be business as usual. Silly reviews, with redirects to the new version of the blog at the top. Of course, within those next five posts will be the aforementioned Generations. So, there is some sort of method to my madness.

Just a reminder – this is not the end. Just a second beginning.

Where Did I Go?

…yeah. It’s coming up on two and a half weeks since I last posted something. Not the first time I’ve gone a rather long stretch without an update, but probably the longest in some time.

I am deeply sorry for the radio silence. There are a few things that did go on over the past couple of weeks in my personal life – a couple of projects, some midterms, and a rather wonky schedule. Not helping matters was a small malaise – a cold, I think – that I came down with last week that sapped my energy for a couple of days. (I’ve rebounded since.)

Also, my next review is looking like that of “Maximum Capacity”. And, to be honest here, the last few episodes of Steven Universe have varied considerably in their quality. StevenBomb 5 was “very good, but not as great as the prior StevenBombs”, same with “Room for Ruby”, “Tiger Philanthropist” was a dud, and “Rocknaldo” irritated me. There have been some great episodes  – “Storm in the Room” was disquieting, for example – but I think SU‘s been off-balance so far this season, and I think it’s quieted my enthusiasm for this thus-far brilliant series a little bit.

Still, that’s no excuse. I should’ve updated a bit earlier as to what is going on, and I am sorry.

Thankfully, I have Spring Break this week. Hopefully, I’ll be able to focus and finish up my “Maximum Capacity” review by St. Patrick’s Day.

Happy 29th, Red Dwarf!

The Boys are Back in Town!!!!

Twenty-nine years ago today, Red Dwarf made its debut on BBC Two.

It’s actually rather incredible that it even debut – according to the Red Dwarf website, production was almost killed off due to several strikes. Who, from the head honchos at the BBC, to Grant/Naylor, to Craig, Chris, Danny, and Norman, all the way to even the casual viewer, would’ve thought it would still be in production today? Continue reading

Sadie Miller and the Tenth Doctor To Star in Ducktales Reboot

“Philistines! I mean, how can you remake Casablanca? The one staring Myra Binglebat and Peter Beardsley was definitive!” – David Lister (Red Dwarf, “Better Than Life”) expressing many people’s initial reaction to remakes. Thankfully, he might just be rebutted.

Today, DisneyXD (AKA, that network that made the lives of Gravity Falls fans utter torture) debut a trailer for their reboot of the 80s cartoon DuckTales. It introduced the cast by having them sing the (incredibly) memorable theme song.

Of note is Kate Micucci, the voice of Steven Universe‘s Sadie, getting the role of Webby, a friend of the triplets. (I am going to roll over laughing if Kate Flannery, Matthew Moy, and/or Zach Callison get a guest role. Reddit and Tumblr will have a field day.)

But, even more notable (especially to people that don’t watch Steven Universe, or are British and/or Anglophiles) is the choice for Scrooge McDuck.

Continue reading

Ah, Midterms…

Yeah, as you can tell, this month is gonna be relatively light. I’m trying to juggle my midterm papers and exams over the next week or two.

Deeply sorry for any inconvenience.

But, hey, on the bright side, Red Dwarf XI will be out stateside in less than a month.

Review Nebula Announcements: September 2016

Hello, everybody. With September 2016 right here, I just want to make a couple of announcements regarding what this month – and, to a lesser extent, this year – holds for The Review Nebula.
First off, let’s back to the boys in the Small Rouge One.

The trailer for Red Dwarf XI came out less than a week ago – premiering on Dave and rapidly getting posted to YouTube through official and unofficial channels.

Needless to say, I was not disappointed. Continue reading