A Recap of Channel Awesome’s Utter Collapse

Today’s post is a bit out of character for this blog – as this is less of a review and more of a recap of recent events involving Channel Awesome, a video review aggregate site. I’ve been contemplating something like this for the past month, but always backed away. However, on Thursday, new details came to light that shocked me, and within 48 hours, I had put this together. I let it sit for a day to see if a) I wanted to go through with this, or b) anything would change.


…wow, that escalated quickly.

Channel Awesome, once considered amongst the premiere entertainment sites on the internet, appears to be in its death throes. What started as a mere critical twitter thread from longtime and former contributors a month ago has exploded into a dramatic scandal that may very well drive the company out of business.

It is basically the real-life example of what TV Tropes (a site that had a love affair with CA) calls “Disaster Dominoes” – one thing leads to another, eventually resulting in a catastrophe. Change one factor, and CA still has something vaguely resembling dignity today, producing…

Oh, who am I kidding? This was gonna happen soon anyway. It’s just that, instead of a slow decline petering out through the rest of the decade, what was a slow decline suddenly went into top gear before hitting MAXIMUM OVERDRIVEand now Channel Awesome is effectively on death-watch. If The Simpsons is a show being kept alive in a vegetative state to milk any money possible from the franchise, Channel Awesome is likely skipping that state and heading straight to hospice care, spending its last days watching as the Walker brothers, the management, and contributors prepare to sue each other onto the dole.

In fact, let’s take a (somewhat opinionated) play-by-play of what exactly what the hell happened, particularly in the back half of the site’s existence.

(Warning: this is going to be quite long. However, it is also not meant to be exhaustive – we’re just getting some basics thrown down here.)

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