I post reviews on several silly TV shows, movies, etc. Here they are.

  • Red Dwarf – My favorite sci-fi comedy, and one of the most overlooked in the sci-fi genre. Reviews started March 2013. Reviews of Series I-X are retrospective, while Series XI reviews were written shortly after it came out stateside.
  • Gravity Falls – A Mystery Dramedy that gripped me in my teenage years. Started April 2013. Reviews of Season 1 were written retrospectively, while those for Season 2 were written after they aired.
  • Simpsons (Seasons 9-12) – An analysis of the controversial Mike Scully years of America’s most famous comedy (and probably my all-time favorite show). Started September 2013.
  • Star Trek – My quest to review the movies. Started June 2014 with a review of The Wrath of Khan. Completed the TOS films in the second half of 2015, the TNG films were reviewed over spring and summer of 2017.
  • Steven Universe – Rebecca Sugar’s first-ever TV show that has dominated my university years, taking elements from Star Trek and various anime to make an animated classic. Started July 2015. All reviews are being written retrospectively.
  • The Prisoner – a quasi-spinoff of my Scullyfied Simpsons reviews, I intend to take a look at ITV’s cult sci-fi drama.