I post reviews on several silly TV shows, movies, etc. Here they are.

  • Red Dwarf – My favorite sci-fi comedy, and one of the most overlooked in the sci-fi genre. Reviews started March 2013. Reviews of Series I-X are retrospective, while Series XI and XII reviews were written shortly after it came out on digital services stateside.
  • Gravity Falls – A Mystery Dramedy that gripped me in my teenage years. Started April 2013. Reviews of Season 1 were written retrospectively, while those for Season 2 were written right after the episodes aired.
  • Simpsons (Seasons 9-12) – An analysis of the controversial Mike Scully years of America’s most famous comedy (and probably my all-time favorite show). Started September 2013.
  • Star Trek – My quest to review the movies. Started June 2014 with a review of The Wrath of Khan. Completed the TOS films in the second half of 2015, the TNG films were reviewed over spring and summer of 2017.
  • Steven Universe – Rebecca Sugar’s first-ever TV show that has dominated my university years, taking elements from Star Trek and various anime to make a modern animated classic. Started July 2015. All reviews are being written retrospectively.
  • The Prisoner – a quasi-spinoff of my Scullyfied Simpsons reviews, I intend to take a look at ITV’s cult sci-fi drama in the run-up to a review of “The Computer Wore Menace Shoes”.