Steven Universe Review: “Horror Club” (Season 1B, Episode 15)

Catch, catch the horror taxi.

I fell in love with a video nasty!

Catch, catch the horror train.

The freeze frame gonna drive you insane!

– “Nasty”, The Damned. (From The Young Ones episode “Nasty”)

Airdate: February 12th, 2015

Written By: Raven Molisee and Paul Villeco

Plot: Steven and Sadie let Lars tag along to Ronaldo’s Horror Club – much to the host’s displeasure. While watching Evil Bear II, the lighthouse starts acting up – much like a thriller. Investigations lead to Sadie getting taken hostage by the lighthouse. With Lars and Ronaldo having a rather frosty relationship, the conspiracy nut contemplates giving said lighthouse a snack to satisfy it – Lars, to be exact.


You are reading a review of an episode of a television show – a TV show that lures it’s fans in with cute colors, quasi-lesbian aliens, and brilliant songwriting… and attacks them with emotional resonance, psychological terror, and liberal overtones. In one episode, characters mess around at the arcade. In another, characters expose suicidal self-loathing. In another, a kid and his best friend have a very awkward dinner. What type of adventure are we damned to witness for episode 15 of Season 1B? Find out tonight in Night of The Review Nebula 2: Blogspot Takes Up Space on Your Data Plan!

Lars, Ronaldo, Sadie, and Steven are our protagonists of the evening. The first one and the third one are trapped in a rather messed-up relationship, and the second one almost killed the fourth one to fuel his own ego. This can either make for a) juicy drama or b) a trainwreck. Which one is it?

Neither, really – although it is damningly dull.

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