These are installments on the blog that are not part of a review series, but will still pop up from time to time.

Not Another Top (X) List: Your conventional Top Whatever list, found on every other review site ever made. My list of favorites, least favorites, and everything in between.

Show Wars: Two episodes or two characters from two different shows (mainly my favorite shows) are compared if they show a similar theme.
  • Bodyswapping: “Bodyswap” (Red Dwarf) vs. “Carpet Diem” (Gravity Falls).
  • Kidnapping and Escapism: “Escape from Reality” (Gravity Falls) vs “Legion” (Red Dwarf)
  • Guardian-Child Relations: “Make Room for Lisa” (Simpsons) vs. “Dreamscaperers” (Gravity Falls)
  • Comic-sized Trouble: “Tourist Trapped” (Gravity Falls) vs. “Saddlesore Galactica” (Simpsons)
  • Good v. Evil: “Demons and Angels” (Red Dwarf) vs. “Enemy Within” (Star Trek: TOS)

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Other Reviews

  • Good Burger: Sinbad (Steven Universe‘s Mr. Smiley) plays a teacher who constantly gets his stuff destroyed by the movie’s protagonist, Dexter. Linda Cardellini (Gravity Falls’s Wendy) plays a mental patient in a hospital that Dexter and workmate Ed wind up in. Abe Vigoda also guest stars.