A Brief Note on the Gravity Falls Leaks

As some of you might know already, Sky, a British Satellite TV provider known for being owned by the same group that owns FOX News, apparently accidentally leaked two never-before-seen episodes of Gravity Falls on their On Demand service… apparently. From what I’ve been hearing, Sky has already pulled these from the service, but some damage has been done, thanks to the combination of the internet and a few elements of the Gravity Falls fandom.

Just for the record, I will not watch, much less comment, on leaked episodes until after their premiere date here in the US. For one, the legalities of viewing the leaks and reviewing the episodes are a bit awkward. I also make this move out of respect for those that have not watched the episodes yet, and for the writers of the episodes. Alex Hirsch even made note of this on Twitter:

Note: Tweet was screencapped instead of embedded.

On a slightly less somber note, today is the third anniversary of the premiere of Gravity Falls. I commend everybody that’s worked on the show, past and present – you truly made something of a hidden masterpiece.

Oh, and best of luck to JK Simmons, who will be the voice of the Author.


One thought on “A Brief Note on the Gravity Falls Leaks

  1. Anonymous July 5, 2015 / 12:47 AM

    ugh ive been searching for these episodes or at least websites with them on it to report it to Disney for 3 days now anybody got a link


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